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We have available a range of Benchtop and Portable Density/ Specific Gravity Meters.

Our DA6XX series Benchtop Density/ Specific Gravity meters: [if lt IE 9]> <![endif]StartFragment

  • Hassle-free and safe measurement

  • Easy check of measurement cell

  • No air bubbles, no contamination

  • Calibration at one temperature

  • Easy data transfer EndFragment

Our DA100 series Benchtop Density/ Specific Gravity meters: [if lt IE 9]> <![endif]StartFragment

  • Measurement in a short period of time

  • With built-in thermal control

  • High precision thermal sensor is installed in measuring cell EndFragment

Our DA130N Portable Density/Specific Gravity meters: [if lt IE 9]> <![endif]StartFragment

  • Sampling volume and speed is single hand controlled.

  • Operative either by right or left hand, the cell can be viewed during measurement.

  • Light weight allows operators to feel tireless in the normal operations.

  • Viscous liquid up to ca 2000 mPa・s can be sampled in.

  • The display shows density, temperature compensated density, specific gravity, temperature compensated specific gravity, Brix %, alcohol concentration, sulfuric acid concentration, API degree, Baume degree, Plato and Proof degree and the like.

  • Graphic LCD can display temperature, sample number, auto sensing oscillation stability, auto data saving, auto data output, data deletion, buttery capacity indicator, and the like.

  • Life of battery is increased two times more than conventional makes, providing much longer operation time. EndFragment

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