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proRheo Laboratory and Process rheometers available in Australia from Chromatech Scientific

ProRheo are a German manufacturer of Laboratory and Process rheometers. For 25 years, they have been specialists for all questions concerning viscosity and supplied instruments around the globe.

Available are several Laboratory and Process models which include:

R120 - for quick QC

R123 - for measuring viscosity using VT02 measuring systems

R140 - for measurement using all commercially available measuring systems

R180 - includes rechargeable battery for mobile use, optional use with PC software

R190 - offers the latest technical know-how, e.g. USB, touch screen display

KP SYSTEM- The inexpensive cone-plate system for measuring viscosity using Rheomats R180 and R140

LS300 - for measuring low-viscosity fluids using the lowest shear rates

COVIMAT 250 TYPE TO - Immersion measuring system for measurement in open, unpressurized vessels

COVIMAT 250 TYPE CC - Flow cell for measuring in the cosmetics and food industries

COVIMAT 250 TYPE DC - Flow cell for measuring at high pressure and high temperatures

COVIMAT 250 TYPE DD - Flow cell for measuring low-viscosity substances

For more information please contact Chromatech Scientific.

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