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New PTF Friability and Abrasion Testing Instruments from Pharma Test Germany

The new PTF instruments are the second wave of the Pharma Test next generation

of galenic instruments to be released.

Features include:

  • Newly developed control electronics featuring method and user management functions,

  • An integrated report printer (optional in PTF 100 and PTF 200) to print test and calibration reports,

  • Operated by an easy to use click wheel,

  • Fully USP <1216>, EP <2.9.7> and JP <14> compliant

  • Determine friability and abrasion (optional) of uncoated tablets

  • Programmable for number of drum revolutions or rotating time

  • Connect a balance to determine the sample weight (optional, weight can be entered manually)

  • Connect USB flash drive to copy methods and store test reports

Advantages include:

  • Drum is easy to open for loading and cleaning, alternatively use discharge opening for loading

  • Graphical LCD screen showing actual and target settings

  • Integrated protocol printer reduces bench space requirements

  • Detailed result report including weight loss calculation and evaluation of the results

  • Automated sample discharge at the end of a test run

  • Dual operation mode: number of revolutions or rotation time

  • Variable drum rotation speed or locked speed mode

  • Determine the sample weight by balance to automatically calculate weight loss

  • Programmable qualification interval timer reminds the user to perform instrument calibration

  • Dedicated calibration programs and reports

  • Copy methods between instruments by using a common USB flash drive

  • Export test reports as text files

  • IQ/OQ documents included free of charge

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