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TIDAS® L series of spectrometers from J&M Analytik

The TIDAS® L instruments feature an integrated PC with a large, high-resolution touch screen running the powerful TIDASDAQ software. The instruments can be run stand-alone or be connected to your network to share the results of the analyses in your organization. The diode array technology gives you rapid results over the full spectrum with each scan. No moving parts in the light path means excellent reproducibility of the results and low maintenance requirements.

TIDAS® L spectrometers are available in various combinations of wavelengths and detectors. We offer a choice of selected UV/VIS and NIR detectors with wavelength ranges from 190 to 2600nm. The TIDAS® L spectrometers are supplied with an integrated light source. A fiber-optic probe can be connected. Depending on the selected wavelength, the internal light source will be either a halogen, deuterium or deuterium/halogen combination. A coupling of spectrometers with different wavelength ranges is also possible.

Besides the connection port for a fiber-optic probe, the TIDAS® L instruments feature a system to “dock on” various periphery devices such as:

  • cuvette holder,

  • multiple cuvette changers,

  • multiplexers,

  • measurement heads for relections measurements

  • and heads for the measurement of tablets.

Besides the measurement of transmission or reflections, fluorescence or emission measurement is also possible.

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