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HT2800T, HTA GC autosampler that combines in a single unit the functions of an autosampler for liquid, static headspace and SPME.

HT2800T is equipped with cutting-edge technologies for the best user experience: Vial leakage check and System integrity test for Headspace mode, SyringeID for automatic syringe identification in Liquid mode and oven design optimized to reach the best thermal stability in SPME mode.

HT2800T motto is “5+5: 5 minutes to switch between modalities, 5 minutes to move between GCs”.

“5 minutes to switch between modalities”: changing from Headspace mode to SPME or liquid mode is made extremely fast and simple by a touch screen wizard that assists the user step by step.

“5 minutes to move between GCs”: HT2800T can be moved fastly across different GCs (also across different GC brands or models) as soon as lab productivity changes.

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