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Oenological instrumentation from Gibertini

Gibertini Elettronica from Italy has a range of oenological instrumentation and modules useful for wine and winemaking.

The range consists of:

WINEMATIC: Multiparametric Analyzer For Oenology for proper control of the vinification processes.

SUPER DEE: automatic instrument that obtains a distillate of wine, spirits, scents or other alcoholic solutions to determinate alcoholic strength by volume.

SO2 GRAVIMETER: Automatic titrator for the analysis of the sulphur dioxide on white, rosé and red wines.

MIA 2020: Fully automatic densimeter for determination of Alcoholic Strength by Volume (ASV) on the distillate.

Also instrumentation for Tartaric stability and wine filterability, for more information please contact info@chromatechscientific.com

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