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Single 12 vessel dissolution bath for use in comparative studies "Biowaivers"

In Biowaiver testing you require dissolution profiles of 12 tablets to be able to calculate the f2 statistic. By using a single bath in a comparative test ("Biowaiver") you can ensure that your result is not affected by any variation in temperature, vibration, stirrer wobble and other issue related to the machines. The PTWS 1220 is a 12 stirred vessel in a 6 + 6 arrangement and 2 extra vessels for media refill.The PTWS 1220 dissolution bath is available also as a DFC1220SP offline semi-automated system including dissolution bath, syringe pumps and fraction collector.

Key features:

  • Fully USP <711/724> and EP <2.9.3/4> compliant

  • 12 stirred positions in a 6 + 6 arrangement, 2 extra vessels for refilling or standard media

  • Rigid motorized lift drive to raise and lower the head

  • Individually coded Borosilicate vessels

  • File up a nearly unlimited number of different test descriptions (methods)Instrument suitability check prior to start of a test run

  • Staggered start capability

  • Vessel low evaporation sealing covers

  • Drainage tap to empty the bath

  • CFR compliant method management and user administration with access control

  • Built-in thermo printer to print a test-log at the end of a run

  • Optical and acoustic signals to inform about sampling intervals, timer count down function

  • Status bar with traffic light information on display shows the instrument status by different colors (green = ready to use, yellow = preparing to use, red = error encountered)

  • OQ, PQ interval warning with programmable interval

  • Interfaces: USB port for remote control of the PTWS 1220, RS-232 port to connect serial devices, I/O port for remote control of external instruments in automated applications, like DSR-M, pumps and PTFC-16

  • Calibration menu for stirrer speed, bath temperature.

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