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TIDAS® series of Spectrometers and Photometers.

The TIDAS instruments are known for their fast and accurate measurement results, which are based on high quality optics, sensors and electronics matched with unique designed fiber optic components. The modular instrument design fits perfect for flexible use in laboratory and process applications. The TIDAS systems are permanently improved and cover the entire wavelength range from deep UV to NIR with one click for measurement. Multimodal and combination techniques e.g. MS/UV, NIR/Raman or CE/LIF, which is possible due to fiber optic setups, deliver added value to your measurement results. Emerging technologies like MEMS and FPI detectors for MIR are being integrated in the TIDAS series and will make the new technology available for your demanding measurement tasks.

The TIDAS E spectrometers are designed as compact and transportable fiber optic spectrometers with integrated light source and a patented dual port cuvette holder. With single change of a mirror tool, absorbance, reflection and fluorescence measurements can easily be performed internal or with external immersion probes and reflection measurement heads.

When it comes to high speed data acquisition and detection of weak signals with high accuracy the TIDAS S is the product of your choice. Supporting many sensor types like NMOS, CCD, InGaAs and more, one of the TIDAS S series instruments fit ideal for your application.

Easy to Operate 21 CFR Part11 Compliant Software

The J&M TIDASDAQ software connects seamlessly with all TIDAS spectrometer systems. Besides the various data acquisition modes the software offers integrated modules for real-time data processing. Validation according to USP/EP and intelligent accessories control. With the scripting option your specific measurements runs can be mapped to instruments data acquisition. Many different accessories and other software packages like LabCognitions Panorama, Brukers OPUS or Solvias ARGUS interfaces directly the TIDAS instruments and guarantees ongoing support for your investment for many years.

The TIDAS® series supports the following methods:  UV/VIS, NIR Reflectance / Transmittance  Fluorescence  RAMAN  Dynamic light scattering  Combinations of the above Some of the highlights the TIDAS® series offers are:  Fiber optic diode array spectrometers  UV/VIS to NIR (MIR)  Compact, rugged and transportable instruments  Multimodal and combined methods  High dynamic range  Fast and reliable results  Powerful, but easy to operate software

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