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Pharma Test introduces cooling racks for the Dissolution Sampling Robot DSR-M

The Dissolution Sampling Robot DSR-M can now be equipped with optional cooling racks that allow for cooling the collected samples and to maintain a stable temperature of as low as 5 °C (41 °F) by use of a conventional laboratory refrigerated circulator.

The temperature-sensitive samples can be automatically collected in a precise way and stored safely. The racks can be used for both HPLC and open vials. They can easily be adapted from one vial type to the other without the need for tools or additional parts. The integrated piston pumps have a volume accuracy of ± 1%, which will guarantee a compliance to the requirements for media volume accuracy from the USP <711> monograph.

Combined with a Pharma Test PTWS dissolution tester with the option of individual temperature control probes for each stirred vessel, this system allows to document and control the media temperatures both before and after the sampling.

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