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Some new HPTLC fingerprinting at the Chromatech Scientific Lab.

We have just completed some HPTLC fingerprinting on a range of Sandalwood wood extracts from plantation core samples and final products with our friend @dhanushka hettiarachchi.

Together at ECU School of Natural Sciences we have published a HPTLC Sandalwood fingerprinting paper which was successfully adopted to Western Australian Sandalwood species “Spicatum”.

“Hayford Ofori, Dhanushka Hettiarachchi, Tomislav Sostaric, Francesco Busetti, Mary C Boyce. High-performance thin-layer chromatographic fingerprinting of sandalwood essential oils. JPC - Journal of Planar Chromatography 2019 - Modern TLC. 32. 205-210.”

The future plan is to add a range of Sandalwood HPTLC fingerprints to the HPTLC association Online Library.

If you would like to trail some of your Herbal/Botanical sample or interested in HPTLC separations and possible analysis outcomes please let us know.#hptlc#sandalwood#essentialoils#botanical

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